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Clear internal communications goes a long way toward ensuring everyone is on the same page. Here are some ways in which keeping everyone informed benefits your business.
Happy Employees.
Who does not want happy employees? Clear directions on tasks and projects lead to a happier, and therefore more productive, workforce.
Transparency boosts trust.
Being clear and open in communications leads to transparency in a company. Employees and customers alike have more confidence in the brand and company.

As seasoned public relations practitioners, we have been working in media, organizational and community relations for decades. We help clients discover what behaviors and messages are authentic to them and then provide training to assist them in better communicating these to their stakeholders. We would never suggest to a client that they lie to the media nor would we do so on their behalf. Besides our desire to be honest, truthful and clear in our communications efforts, there are many practical reasons for steering clear of "alternative facts" as well.

United Airlines recent issues – refusing to let young girls wearing leggings on the flight, and forcibly dragging a passenger unwilling to be bumped off of an overbooked flight – perfectly illustrate why communications strategists should be an integral part of the leadership team. Every action, policy, sponsorship, celebrity spokesperson and communication (internal or external) matters. A company creates its image and solidifies its reputation with every statement it makes -- verbal or otherwise.